Wedding Photography | Fisher & Gause

Wedding Photography | Fisher & Gause

Red Hot can be the theme of this wedding!  Not only for the vibrant color scheme but also due to the crazy 100º July weather.  This couple had heart, soul and sweat during their big day.  Luckily, I’m a stickler for detail and made sure to be consistent with the dabbing of the forehead and cheeks.  All heat aside, they maintained their smiles and love for one another during their special day.

Starting the day at the groom’s grandmother’s home, each couple had their own floor to get ready in.  The bride-to-be had a sash made out of the same material as the bridesmaid’s dresses.  This sash was worn around the eyes of the groom in order hide her as she came down the stairs for photos.  They both walked out to the beautiful front yard where the blushing bride then walked up behind her husband-to-be, removed the sash, and greeted him with a sweet smile.  Such a precious moment to witness; that split moment where all the hectic shopping, trying on, dress fittings, hair and make-up is forgotten and only love and beauty stand before one another.

Some grooms typically don’t care to voice their opinions on flower arrangements and backdrops.  Yet, when you are a groom who makes a living in the landscaping business, your opinions are not only heard but taken very seriously.  The beautiful trees of his grandmother’s home, the old cars from a dear family member’s collection, and the pristine green lush yard were all top notch to the groom.  However, the one backdrop he was not a fan of was the field of wild flowers.  To the bride and her bridesmaids, this field was full of precious flowers just blowing in the wind setting a romantic setting for love.  To the groom, they were weeds he just wanted to mow over.  Ha!  I guess it’s true…Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Did this couple have a fabulous outside ceremony planned?  Yes, yes they did.  Unfortunately, due to good old Midwest weather, right before the ceremony a big storm blew through.  Luckily, they had an indoor plan.  The weather didn’t put a damper on the mood one bit.  They continued on with vows, love and laughter.  Shortly after the ceremony, the weather did clear up just long enough to dash outside for some pictures prior to the reception.

I love when couples use a “little out of the ordinary” for personal touches to their day.  In this case, the flowers at the reception were quite unique.  Each place card and table setting had a flower pot full of fun and different plants and flowers with sayings like “Let Love Grow”.  Such a sweet and personal touch for the bride and groom.

To the new Mr. & Mrs. Gause, my your love blossom into the life you have dreamed of and deserve!  Congratulations!

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer | Fischer & Gause