Wedding Photographs|Zeissert & Grapperhaus Wedding

Wedding Photographs of the Zeissert & Grapperhaus Wedding

Have you heard the superstitions about rain on the wedding day or the groom seeing the bride before the ceremony?  There are many little wives’s tales and talks about what good and bad things can happen at a wedding and what they ultimately mean.  Well, take it from me, after being a part of thousands of weddings, these sayings can really go either way.  No matter how perfect a plan is, something may quite possibly go wrong.  The intensity of this occurrence does vary, but I believe how one handles the situation is what determines the overall outcome of this special day…  With that being said, I would like to give HUGE props to the new Mrs. Grapperhaus.

For those of you who are familiar with Illinois, especially the central and southern portions, you have probably heard of a beverage called Ski.  Yes, Ski.  If you haven’t, I highly recommend you Google it and find the nearest can for you to purchase.  It’s a local soda that comes in a variety of flavors.  A popular one is Lemon-Lime.  It’s similar to a more popular soda that, let’s just say sounds like “Fountain Hew”.

In the case of this wedding, Pink Ski was the “rain” on this day.    After taking beautiful “getting gorgeous photos” at the bride’s parent’s house and taking “getting handsome photos” at the groom’s parent’s house, I headed off to the church.  As I was testing the lighting and setting up, a frantic bridesmaid comes running by me.  Before I could ask what was wrong, a frantic bride ran by as well.  I caught up with the two and asked what the problem was.  As the bride tried to remain relatively calm in order not to mess up her beautiful make-up, she turned around to show a massive pink stain running down the entire back of her dress…Bright pink.  Apparently, while getting ready, a bridesmaid accidentally knocked over a can of pink Ski that ultimately splattered over the back of the bride and also all over the front of a bridesmaid’s satin purple dress.

Luckily, being the fabulously well prepared photographer that I am, I immediately broke out my emergency kit full of Shout Wipes and Tide Sticks.  As the bride-to-be was leaning over the sink, I informed her that what I was about to do next might cheer her up a bit.  I then took a Shout Wipe in my hand, slapped her booty and began rubbing frantically making all attempts to remove the pink monstrosity.  She chuckled and said, “I never thought that my photographer would be slapping my butt on my wedding day.”  The pink Ski and purple bridesmaid was able to rinse out all the Ski and use various blow dryers to dry her dress right before the ceremony.

The rest of the day went without a hitch.  The ceremony was touching and full of love.  The reception was fun and joyful.  So to all future brides, please remember… Something just might go wrong on your big special day.  Yes, spills might occur, cakes might fall, rain might happen, and groomsman’s pants might split.  Ultimately, the most important part of the day is to make it down that isle to your loved one and realize that life happens and you have luckily found that special person who will be by you every step of the way…good and bad, wet or dry, zipped or ripped.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Grapperhaus!  Here’s to a very happy and adventurous life!


Wedding Photographs

Wedding Photographs|Zeisset & Grapperhaus Wedding|