Senior Model Application

Senior Model Application

Amazing opportunity for a select few ( only four per school ) from each graduating class at each high school. If you are chosen as a member of our exclusive Senior Representatives group, along with 2 free session’s,  hair and makeup for your first session, the option to earn free products and portraits, your face will be on our website, blog, brochures etc, If you are outgoing, fun and feel that you would be a good person to spread the word about Visions By Carol Photography then you are a perfect candidate! No matter what your style ( we like to show variety ) the seniors that are the most social are the ones we are looking for. And hey, why not earn $25 towards pictures for each friend that comes here! Plus your friend will also earn $25 off their session!

Our senior models agree to have their first Free Session photographed before May 30th so we can show off your pictures! Then you can choose to have your second “Expression Session” later in the summer or in early fall. A minimum portrait purchase of $300 ( The Freshman Package ) is required or can be earned per senior model. Also as a senior model for Visions By Carol Photography your senior portraits can not be taken anywhere else except for your head shot required for your school yearbook. You must hook up with our social media and actively post about Visions By Carol photography. Also, keep your amazing photos as your profile pictures for the summer while promoting the studio. One more thing… parents need to be in the loop and agree to your decision to apply to be apart of our team. Once you fill out the application we will contact you and let you know if you will be one of the limited Senior Model’s for your graduation class!

Please fill out the form below and someone from Visions By Carol Photography will be in contact with you soon!

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    I agree not to represent any other photographer or aspiring photographer during my senior year. I also agree to bring in any mailing materials that are sent to me from other photographers for senior portraits.
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    Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. A representative will be in contact with you soon regarding your application to become a Senior Model for Visions By Carol Photography and earn FREE Products! Please press the Send button below to complete your application.