Proposal | Tom & Carrie’s Big Day

Proposal | Tom & Carrie’s Big Day

I was absolutely THRILLED when I received an email from Tom asking if I would be interested in photographing his proposal to Carrie!  Due to Carrie’s love of photography, Tom thought it would be a fabulous idea to document this special occasion with having a photographer present.  Way to go, Tom!  He had a very sweet and thought out plan for this big event.  I was so over-the-moon happy to be a part of this!  I myself did not get elaborate proposals.  Yes plural…ha!  So, I love being a part of someone else’s special plan.

The plan was simple & sweet as to not create any suspicion.  The evening was to start out with Tom taking Carrie to dinner at Cleveland-Heath (Yum!). Then, they were to walk down to Recess Brewing. During this walk, the big moment was to happen in the SAME SPOT where they FIRST MET!  Seriously, the spot where they first met?  He remembered this?  Carrie, you have yourself a good guy there!  After, they would continue to Recess Bar where he would surprise her with a French dessert. The significance behind the dessert is that she wants to visit France one day.  He thought this would be a nice little touch…so detailed AND delicious!

So, I met with Tom the day before to go over the game plan.  You know, the details of where and when I should be hiding.  Let me tell you, sitting on the sidewalk hiding behind a car with my camera and bag of gear made me feel like a creepy Paparazzi…ha! One lady pulled up right next to me and by the look she gave me, I’m pretty sure she thought I was trying to do something bad to the car I was hiding behind.  I stayed low so Carrie would not see me.  Once Tom got down on one knee, and Carrie was distracted by this gesture, I POPPED UP and captured that special moment.   Yes! Boom! Awesomeness!

After the proposal, Carrie gave him such a hug and then noticed me.  The look on her face was hilarious.  She asked Tom if the photographer was for them.  Ha! We walked down Main Street and captured a few more images on the way to  Recess Brewing. There, she was surprised with the special French dessert.

The owners and staff were so nice! They knew Tom and Carrie were coming so they held out the dessert for the happy couple upon their arrival.  They even allowed us to go in the back and take some cool pictures with the beer steins.  We also went in the cooler and took a picture by the beer called “The Eville Hop”. Ha! Sounds like it should be a dance played at their wedding!

Not only will Tom and Carrie become a sweet and loving husband and wife, they will soon be a sweet and loving family of three as Carrie has a little boy of her own.  I just love it when men stand up and raise a child that is not of their own flesh and blood…just like my sweet husband, Brian.

They are a fantastic couple and I wish them all the happiness in the world!  Congratulations Tome & Carrie!

Proposal | Tom & Carrie

Proposal | Tom & Carrie’s Big Day