Photo Restoration

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Repair, restore and enhance your damaged photos and bring your memories back to life.

Visions By Carol Photography will help bring out the story behind your photo. Photographs record the memories of precious moments and loved ones, but with time they become faded or may even be damaged. Visions By Carol Photography can help bring those precious pictures back to life again.

We perform services like color correction, red-eye removal, appearance improvement, crack repair, mold removal, and we also replace missing image areas. With the help highly trained artists, many of whom are photographers themselves, take great pride in bringing not only the photos back to life, but enhancing the emotion behind each photo.

Available in 4 Restoration styles: Restore to Black & White, Restore to Sepia, Restore to Original photos color, and Full Restoration and Color.



Images not captured by Visions By Carol. Images are samples of products only. Product subject to change.