One Year Photo Session of Twins

One Year Photo Session of Twins | Ozcan Family

Seriously?  Do you see these precious, adorable, little nuggets!  They are the fabulous Ozcan Twins celebrating being 1 Year Old.  Of course, big brother had to join in on the celebration as well.  I bet he certainly has his hands full when it comes to Big-Bro duties; bless his heart.

Ever think twins can read each other’s minds?  I have an odd feeling these two are pretty in sync with one another.  They just seemed to get what the other was planning to do in the photo.  It was like a mini professional model photo session…ha!  Now, when it came to the cake, that was a different story.  The sister reached over and ate some of her brother’s cake.  He seemed to be cool with that. But, when it came time for him to try a nibble of her cake, she was quick to push his hand away…ha!  I just happen to catch the reaching moment right before the push-off.  Don’t worry, it didn’t cause a fuss.  The brother just went on with his own cake.  Both had a fun time!

Not only was the cake portion fun (and adorable), the outside pictures were just as fun!  All those pink ruffles…Hello? Super cute!  And that tiny little tux outfit…again CUTE!  Don’t worry big brother, I didn’t forget you either.  Big brother was busy playing video games and killing angry bird while the twins finished their shoot.  I hope to be able to capture more photos of these three children just so I can see the cuteness grow more and more!  Congratulations Ozcan twins…keep growing, keep loving, and keep being cute!

One Year Photo Session Twins

One Year Photo Session of Twins