Newborn Photo Session |Drew

Newborn Photo Session |Drew

In 2007, I met Justin & Katie Venvertloh as they were looking for a photographer for their August wedding.  Come to find out, Katie and I had many mutual friends and had a classic Granite City connection.  Since then, I have had the honor of photographing not only their wedding but their maternity pictures and now their newborn pictures.

When Katie told me she was expecting, I was super excited as she is a dear friend and also works with me in the studio every so often.  I could not wait to meet the little nugget.  Before I knew it, 9 months flew by and we were taking photos of Mr. Drew Stephen Venvertloh.

Seriously… Do you see all that hair?  It’s craziness!  Apparently, in the delivery room shortly after Drew arrived, seeing the spiky hair (that does continue down his tiny arms and back), very pronounced widows peek, and long (I mean very long) finger nails, Justin & Katie jokingly called him “Teen Wolf”.  Ha!

All kidding aside, this little guy is super adorable.  Katie kept it simple during this session by bringing in that awesome chevron “D” which hangs in Drew’s room, a crocheted blanket made my Justin’s grandmother, the super sentimental Teddy Bear, and an “I watch ESPN with my Daddy” bib.  All these items were used during their maternity session.  So, seeing the before Drew and now after Drew is such a wonderful experience.

Welcome Baby Drew!  You are one loved boy with some pretty awesome parents.  Looking forward to watching you grow!


Newborn Photo Session

Newborn Photo Session | Drew