Meet the Millers | Wedding Photographs | Edwardsville Photography

Meet the Fabulous Millers!  These long time friends of my husband (who unfortunately was unable to attend due to being out of town for work) showed their love for one another the only way they know how… By simply being their fun, corky, and crazy selves.  The spectacular day started out in a lovely outdoor setting at the classic Wilson Park Gazebo located in Granite City, Illinois.  After words of love and devotion were shared, the celebration continued into the night at a local hall full of family & friends… And oh boy, did this group know how to have a great time!



The wedding theme of “Mutual Weirdness Forever” doesn’t even begin to explain the type of couple these two lovebirds are.  From the plan to strap their son in a carrier “The Hangover” style for the ceremony, through the plastic sword fights during the warehouse location, and to the stolen antique butter turner that was used as a centerpiece… This wedding was filled with fun, love, and true happiness!


For this event, I had the pleasure of working with a brand new assistant… My daughter.  Having an interest in the field and knowing how wonderful this couple was going to be, I thought it would be a terrific experience for her.  She was able to capture some amazing moments…including one taken on the good old iPhone.







So, to the Mutually Weird Millers… Here’s to years of love and without a doubt much laughter!