Kaius New Born

So my husband and Kaius dad (Josh) go way back. They have a great friendship and those of you that know them know of some funny added information. Baby Kaius is the closest my husband will get to having his own biological child. Its a strange story but very very funny inside joke. Little Kaius had a rough start on life. Poor mom Amy was in labor for over 24 hours. She pushed for over three hours and he was stuck in the canal for probably an hour. They tried forceps, and still couldn’t get him out so they pushed him back in. I can only image the stress they were both in! So they rushed Amy & Kaius me to the ER. She already had two epidurals, and could still feel so they gave her a spinal tap, but her neck was stuck so they had to move her body for her since i was barely numb, but numb enough not to move and she couldn’t get her body going without her necks help for some reason .So they start the procedure to get him out, and as soon as he was out Amy heard code blue and strait panic in the nurses voices and Josh’s face just went white as he put his head down. The doctor told her he had his eyes open and that was a good sign as they whisked her baby to another room. Amy had no idea what was going on while they wheeled  her to recovery. Kaius was stable,but they were air lifting him to Cardinal Glennon as he swallowed maconium and had thick mucus stuck in his throat. Come to find out all the scuffling Amy had heard in the or was the other doctor in the room trying to intabate him. Which took three times because the mucus was so thick. Kaius had not breathed for four minutes after delivery but he was alive and that is all that mattered. While at Cardinal Glennon Kaius was put on a 72 hour cooling protocal, he had to be at 95 degrees for 3 days. No blankets and you couldn’t pick him up and warm him just sit there and watch him freeze. This was to stop brain damage from happening any further since he didn’t breathe for 4 mins.The next day he started having seizures. Big ones to where he would quit breathing.  He had slight kidney failure when he got to Cardinal Glennon because the blood flow went to his brain and heart first before any other organs since he wasn’t breathing.  Kaius was in Cardinal Glennon for 15 days. After a few days of seizures they finally got them under control. He is now on seizure meds still to this day. He had a lot of problems with breathing while he was in the hospital. It has taken a log time to get him weened off oxygen but he is off. He still has weird breathing moments, so Amy never sleeps. His neurologist that he saw while at Cardinal Glennon diagnosed him with mild brain damage, which is pretty vague. They said Amy & Josh might see signs of this next week or it could be as long as Kindergarden before they notice. He may or may not be able to speak or walk well or he may have bad eyesight,hearing, or just may have trouble learning in general. Doctors  said he will need therapy throughout his life to maybe trick his brain if he does end up with any disabilities. The doctors said an adult would never have survived what Kaius had been thru. Babies are strong and we can re wire their brains. Amy and Josh are so happy to have him here in their lives and we can all pray for the best of outcomes. It was my honor and pleasure to photograph this little guy. With the stacks of medical bills coming in and the insurance refusing to pay, this is one small thing I could do to help the family get through this trying time and give them some happy memories to cherish for eternity.