Family Portraits | Grandparent Session | Dustman Family

Family Portraits | Grandparent Session | John Deere Theme | Dustman Family

“Boys and their toys” is a saying we probably hear quite often.  Well, the toys of choice for these boys… Good ole’ John Deere.  Grandpa Dustman is a proud Pop.  For this first session, it was boys only.  With some of the grandkids living out of town, Grandpa Dustman wanted a chance to capture a photo with his amazing grandsons.  These boys had a great time with their grandpa…Especially when their pop sat on the mini John Deere tractor.  The whole family just busted out laughing when he just went and sat right down on it.  No one expected that!  As you can see, you can tell where the “sweet smile gene” comes from.

It was a fun time photographing these guys.  I am looking forward to the next session with his granddaughters.  Hmm… Think we can get Grandpa in a tu-tu?  No?  Maybe sitting around a small table drinking tea wearing a tiara?  Too much?  Well, I am sure we will think of something and I guarantee is it will be a terrific session.  Can’t wait!

Family Portraits

Dustman Family – John Deere Theme