9 Month Photo Session|Elias

9 Month Photo Session | Elias

Another baby growing just so fast in the “Watch Me Grow” package.  Once again, in a blink of an eye, I am already taking Elias’ 9 month old pictures.  OMGoodness…Is he not just a little stud muffin?  Just look at the tummy!  Don’t you jsut want to tickle and pat it?  Elias really did so well during these photos.  Though, we did learn he is not a fan of sitting on the grass.  As long as his tushy (which is also just so super adorable) didn’t touch grass…All was well and happy.

Another fun part of this session was the fact that Elias’ aunt was in town.  She flew all the way from Iraq to meet her dear nephew and spend time with the family.  This dear sweet woman has such an infectious laugh.  Every time she would laugh, Elias’ mom (Houda) and I would also laugh right along with her.  Elias and his aunt had such a wonderful time during this photo session.  I was so blessed to capture this moment for the family.  I can still hear her laugh every time I look at these photos.

I took photos of Elias’ parent’s wedding and will soon take anniversary photos.  From newborn, 3 months, 6 months, and now 9months with a long-distant visiting relative… I feel truly blessed to capture these special events in this family’s life.  One of the many perks of being a photographer.  Can’t wait to see you at your 1 year session little buddy!


9 Month Photos Session

9 Month Photo Session|Elias