2 Year Old Photo Session – Cordon

Cordon Turns 2 – Too Cute!

Check out this handsome little man during his 2 year old photo session! I took his 1st birthday photos and already taking his 2 year old photos…That can be right?  Did a year pass already?  Anyone else wonder where 2016 went? Ha!

So, when it comes to taking photos of 2 and 3 year old kids, I never know what I’m going to get. Typically, there is a lot of running around, silly faces, bribery with toys and sweets, the occasional tears, and even the need to quickly bob and weave any objects being tossed at me…Ha! Well, I am happy to say none of that happened with this cutie! He strolled on in, sat down where as he was asked to, and then simply smiled and posed.  A true professional at age 2! I was so shocked and extremely impressed.

We were able to take so many amazing photos.  Cutest Cubs fan? He nailed it.  Rough and tough biker toddler? He worked it.  Sweet and playful? He was spot on!  Such a versatile little man.  Just adorable!

Whatever you are doing mamma, keep doing it! You are raising a very sweet and respectful little guy. I could photograph him all darn day!


2 Year Old Photo Session - Cordon

2 Year Old Photo Session – Cordon