9 Month Photo Session|Caleb

9 Month Photo Session | Caleb

Oh dear little Caleb… You certainly make me work hard for the money, honey.  Caleb is the type of sweet little boy who would just prefer to keep a precious somber look.  You just wonder what is going on in that little noggin of his.  If you looked in my studio window and witnessed the crazy stuff I do to get a smile out of him…You would truly think I was either 1) an idiot or 2) have lost my marbles.  I know Caleb’s look on his face most of the time says, “What is this crazy Carol lady doing now and why have my parents allowed me to be around her”?

Though me, mom AND dad work hard to get an expression from him… It is always well worth it in the end.  When he does finally crack a smile or give an expression, it is so adorable!  His expressions are very well worth the work and wait.  I look forward to his 1 year session. This session will actually take place in the comforts of his home. Hopefully, the smiles will be flowing since he will be in a  familiar surrounding. Or, he could just wonder why mom & dad have allowed the crazy Carol lady into their home…ha!


9 Month Photo Session of Caleb

9 Month Photo Session