Caleb 3 month

Look at cute little Caleb!! He is such a cutie and I love photographing him. He was so funny during the session he refused to keep his hands together no matter what I tried. He has already decided to start working on his cute little personality and he wanted to put his hands how he wanted and now how we thought they should be. Caleb was a pleasure to photograph and he has such sweet loving parents! The first time I met this little cutie I heard an all to familiar sound that I was hoping I was wrong. You see when my daughter Mariah was a baby she had very very bad acid reflux. We had to raise her mattress in her crib so it was at an angle and buy special super expensive formula. It was so bad she had to be put under when she was about 5yrs old so the docs could check out her esophagus. That was so frightening to go through with a first child and I wish no parents ever have to deal with that! When I heard those little noises I prayed that I was wrong but this sweet little man also has acid reflux.  I know as a parent you feel so helpless when you hear the sound and their tummy begins to hurt. Parents would do anything to take that discomfort away from there child. Even though this adorable little man has to deal with that nasty issue its not a big one and he is still full of smiles and does not seem to care at all! I am looking forward to seeing him again for his 6month session and pray that his reflux gets better and goes away premaritally!!