1 Year Photo Session|Braelyn

1 Year Photo Session | Braelyn

I have had the dear pleasure of photographing Braelyn through all stages of life.  My oh my is she a carbon copy of her older brother and sister… a very CUTE copy might I add.   This adorable face comes from such a loving family.  It is no wonder her happiness and excitement pops right off the lens.  Such fun bright bold colors were used for her session.  Can you blame us?  She is so bright and bold herself!  The multi-colored bow was the perfect touch…It would bounce and swing around with every little move Braelyn made.  So cute!  An those pants…Hello? Girl can rock a fun outfit!  Such a perfect amount of style and sas.

Now, when it came to the cake photos, we used a Big #1 Cookie to keep her brother and sister occupied.  So while they were distracted with a cookie, we captured Braelyn diving into the cake…Well sort of.  Like many 1 year olds, the idea of mushing and smashing something like a cake is a bit odd.  They are told for so long to practice good eating behaviors but then…a bit sugary contraption is put in front of them and they are told to just dig in.  Confusing, yes?  Once a sample tasting of icing was given and she was shown what to do, she finally got the hang of it and we were able to photograph her sweet innocence during the adventure.

I am looking forward to laying out Braelyn’s Watch Me Grow album that will showcase  her mom and dad’s favorite images from all the sessions and also working with the rest of the family on updating portraits for their home.  Such a beautiful and sweet family to work with.  Here’s to capturing many more memories for you and your wonderful children!

1 Year Photo Session

1 Year Photo Session