Bellies And Babies Photography Introduction


What an exciting time for you & thank you for contacting me for your portrait needs. I have several different options from your maternity, delivery and 3,6,9,12mon. stages. You can choose to purchase an individual session or multiple packages for additional discounts. I have no minimum order requirement and offer payment options for many packages. Once you have had time to look things over please call or email me with any questions.

When should I schedule my sessions?

Belly Celebration – This is best done when your belly has passed your breast line. For most woman this is the end of the 7th or in the beginning of your 8th month. However it is very important to let me know if there is a chance you could go into labor early so we can capture your maternity images earlier.

New Born – Most of my clients call me from the hospital to schedule their portrait session the same day as your doctor follow up appointment. This is done so your baby only needs to leave the house one time at such a young age. However newborn sessions can be captured any time between birth and 9 days of life. This is when your child still holds the shape they had while in moms tummy as well as sleeping for extended periods of time.

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