Baby Photographs | 6 Month Old Session | Conor |

Baby Photographs|6 Month Session|Conor

From parent’s wedding, to maternity session, then newborn photos, followed by 3 month pictures… And now 6 months! My goodness, this little guy is just growing so fast. I just love all the babies in my “Watch Me Grow” package. So many cute moments captured at every age.

With Conor, it’s a love and not-so-love relationship with the camera. Some sessions he is just living it up with huge smiles and big personality. Other times it’s playing hide-n-go seek with his smile. He can certainly make me work for it.

All in all, it’s totally worth it. Just look at this cutie in these pictures. Just grinning and cheesing it up for the lens. 9 month session is fast approaching. Will it be a game of “find the smile”? No one knows. What I do know is that is will be a fun time and worth it all in the end.


Baby Photographs 6 Month Old