6 Year Old Photo Session – Samantha

Sweet Samantha Turns 6!

“Wow!” That sums up what I can say about this adorable girl’s 6 year old photo session. I have been photographing these two precious girls for so long, yet it does not seem like we should be taking pictures for Samantha’s 6th year… SIX!

While taking these photos, it occurred to me just how big Samantha has gotten.  As I would check each shot between takes, I realized that sweet little baby face was turning into a sweet little girl face.  You know what I mean, when a child loses some of that baby chubbiness and the face starts to slim down.  There is a moment it dawns on a parent their precious little baby is growing up.  It is such a bitter sweet moment…Oh my gosh, I’m tearing up as my own babies are teenagers.  (Sob)  Okay, happy thoughts…happy thoughts…back to Samantha.

Check out Samantha’s serious face pose!  Work it, girl!  So fierce-Fierceness that all girls growing up should feel.  A girl can be kind, sweet, and fierce all in one.  Samantha, honey, while growing up (not too fast now) be sure to always enjoy the fun childhood has to offer and never be afraid to learn and ask questions. Enjoy the journey of growing up and be proud who are your meant to be!


6 Year Old Photo Session - Samantha

6 Year Old Photo Session – Samantha