18 Month Photo Session – Johnna

Such a pretty and proper little girl!

I can’t believe it is already time for an 18 month photo session for little Miss Johnna!  Watching these little nuggets grow via photography really makes you realize how fast time flies.  I mean, I swear I was photographing her big brother’s 6 month session yesterday! Now there are two little nuggets in the family!

Watching these two interact and smile for the camera was so fun!  There really is a fabulous big brother-little sister bond and it shows in these photos.  However, when it came time to photograph Johnna alone, she simply was spot on and continued to be full of cuteness!

Look at how she crossed her little hands and tiny feet.  So proper and so adorable!  Little girls in big puffy pink dresses dancing about can really make someone’s bad day a little brighter…That’s exactly what Johnna did in these photos.  She really brought out the fun and playfulness of being an 18 month little girl.  So much personality and spunk!  It’s amazing how quickly children grow and become their own little person.  It is something truly awesome to witness.

Little Miss Johnna, you keep smiling and having fun with your  big  brother!  You both will have some pretty cool times, and yes troublesome times, but the bond between a brother and sister is truly special.  Enjoy every moment!


18 Month Photo Session - Johnna

18 Month Photo Session – Johnna