1 Year Session – Drew

1 Year Session – Drew

One year has officially come and gone.  It seems not too long ago, Katie (Drew’s mom) was coming to work on some blog posts for me and right in the middle of my little ole’ office told me how she was expecting for the first time.  I must say I was honored to be one of the first few people to find out so soon.  Her new first trimester morning sickness was really lasting beyond 24-hours and she was concerned it would interfere with her time for me. Goodness, Yes… Please come work at my studio when you are feeling like total yuckiness. Who cares that you are growing a human.  Like I would ever say or even remotely think that at all! Ha!

You see, Katie is an awesome woman I met many moons ago to photograph her wedding.  Now she occasionally assists me with my blog posts and other social media outlets.  She takes my garbled up words and makes them much more appealing to the public.**

Anyway… Back to Mr. Drew. This little man is adorable and if he turns out anything like his parents, he will be one awesome little man!  I am super pleased how all of his photos turned out.   Actually, Drew’s sessions (newborn, 6 months, and 1 Year) are the first time I have ever had a mom request all the same backgrounds and props for all 3 sessions.  Katie requested this specifically in order to keep consistency in all the photos.  I can only image how unified and beautiful these will look on a wall displayed together showing all of Drew’s different stages of growth.  Fabulous!

Thank you Katie and Justin (oh and Drew) for allowing me the honor of capturing these amazing moments!

Looking forward to many more!

**Note: Carol asked me to put that into this blog.  I by no means like to toot my own horn. – The Awesome Woman Katie 😉


1 Year Session – Drew

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